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Yieldeasy is the fully-integrated marketplace and service solution for small apartment properties. We'll help you buy, sell, finance, and manage your multifamily investment property while minimizing the time and financial costs of each transaction you make.

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The Problem

Buying and selling apartments is hard. Broken, fragmented, expensive, and not transparent. Despite these problems, the small multifamily segment accounts for over half of all apartment inventory in the U.S.

Investors seeking to buy or sell small apartment buildings face significant obstacles when looking for finance partners, title companies, and perhaps most importantly, trusted brokers.

Large commercial real estate brokers seldom have time to spend representing small, low-commission properties, leaving investors with smaller “resi-mercial” agents who often lack the skill and experience required to fulfill client needs effectively.



Yieldeasy is a fully integrated marketplace and service network helping investors of small apartment properties transact, plan, and manage without stress, high fees, or inexperienced partners.


Your one-stop destination to sell and search for apartment properties. Browse with the powerful filters expert investors demand to use.

Due Diligence

View listing materials, financials, and schedule tours all from the Yieldeasy platform. Ensure you have all the information you need before moving forward.


Yieldeasy's network of expert finance partners can bring debt and equity to help securely finance your next acquisition.


Once you’ve found and vetted your next acquisition, our network of trusted title and closing services keeps the transaction running smoothly.


Find the best insurance coverage and rates by utilizing our extensive network of property insurance providers.

Property Management

Connect with trusted local apartment management firms to be your eyes and ears on the ground, no matter where you are based.

It’s time to invest
more efficiently.

Make your multifamily investment business more efficient, effective, and profitable with Yieldeasy. See what is on the market today!

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Yieldeasy is shaking up the multifamily investment world, and people are talking about us.

Alex Samoylovich
CEO/Founder, CedarSt Companies/Livly

“Yieldeasy is building a platform that will democratize the fragmented space of small multifamily property. “

Mark Smith
Estate Innovation

One of “14 Top Philadelphia Commercial Real Estate Companies and Startups Innovating the Industry”

Brian Corcodilos
CEO, DesignBlendz

“The concept and simplicity of Yieldeasy has real potential to fill a gap in the real estate process that has been overlooked.”

Rider Kalek
President, Alpha Abstract Agency

“A strategic partnership with Yieldeasy opens the doors for us to service a previously fragmented segment.”

Our Team

Our team is led by experienced real estate industry professionals with over 25 years of expertise in multifamily acquisitions, development, capital markets, and management. We are backed by leading innovators and investors in the PropTech space and are advised by a world class team of real estate owners and operators.

Media Mentions

Yieldeasy is creating buzz. Read about us in some of the most reputable real estate outlets in our hometown.



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