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What is Yieldeasy?

Simply put, we’re a digital marketplace for buying and selling small multifamily properties typically defined as 2-20 unit properties. We’re the only online platform that specializes in this segment and, as investors ourselves, are passionate about growing your personal wealth and portfolio.

How much does Yieldeasy cost?

We currently do not charge anything to list your property for sale exclusively on our website.

What is the fee Yieldeasy takes for a sold property?

Since we don’t need expensive overhead, expensive marketing, and operate fully online, we’re able to charge a small fee of 3% per transaction rather than the traditional 5-7% fee charged by agents.

Is Yieldeasy a title insurance company?

No, we’re not a title company but have relationships with preferred title insurance companies in every market where we operate. As the go-to platform for assisting investors in purchasing small multifamily properties, we’d be happy to introduce you to a preferred title insurance company - free of charge.

Is Yieldeasy a lender?

No, we’re not a lender or bank and cannot finance your acquisition, but we have a network of financing partners who can assist and help you close on your dream investment property.

Does Yieldeasy own the properties for sale?

No, we’re a marketplace to source, facilitate, and close transactions and currently don’t own any properties for sale on our website.

How is Yieldeasy different from a traditional real estate brokerage?

We’re not your traditional real estate brokerage - we charge low transaction fees, avoid expensive upfront costs that are passed on to clients, and provide a transparent experience fully online for a fraction of the price. We give you the necessary information to make an informed investment decision.

How does a typical transaction work?

This varies whether you’re a buyer or seller. For buyers, you log in to our website, search for properties, and can select “Submit LOI” or “Contact Us” to make an offer or find more information. Our team then receives this inquiry and immediately provides next steps via email. For sellers, you log in to our website, check your dashboard and see if you have any offers have been made on your properties. As always, you can reach out to us if you have any questions. That’s it - you’re off and running!

When do I receive additional information and due diligence items for a property I’m considering buying?

Any investors (buyer or seller) who registers and confirms their registration via email is able to access more property information, if available.

Can I see the properties in person before moving forward with purchasing an investment property?

Yes, as a buyer, once you make an offer using the “Submit LOI” button on the property page, you can schedule a time to see the property and obtain additional information.

Who will do inspection(s) on the properties?

Buyers can conduct their own exterior and interior inspections of the property with consent from the sellers via Yieldeasy. We’re not an inspection or appraisal company, but we have extensive relationships with reputable companies that specialize in these fields. As always, we’re here to help.

Why should I invest in SMF (Small Multifamily Properties) and are these attractive investments?

Small multifamily is one of the most exciting asset classes in real estate investing. This segment has largely been ignored by larger (and sometimes) small investors but often provide exceptional returns. Small multifamily is a $20B+ transaction market per year and growing.

Can I buy a fractional share of property through Yieldeasy?

No, currently we don’t allow investors to purchase fractional ownership in any properties listed on our website, but we have relationships with equity partners and syndicators to help in purchasing properties.

If I have any issues, concerns, or general questions about the platform or transactions, how can I contact you?

We’re a technology company at heart and pride ourselves on a high quality, digitally native experience. Please reach out to us at: hello@yieldeasy.com.

What if I am a buyer and a seller? Do I need two accounts?

Yes, in v1 you will need to create an account as a buyer and as a seller. We are working on fixing this for v2.